Performing Artists Speak Out About Plastic Pollution

This summer, many of our notable supporters are activating the power of their celebrity to help stop the use of disposable plastics and to support the California Ban the Bag initiative (AB 1998). Bonnie Raitt,  Jack JohnsonJJ Abrams,  Ben Harper, and Fran Dresher are just some of the performing artists speaking out against disposable plastic.

In June, Bonnie Raitt, as part of the Green Music Challenge initiative challenged her fans to stop using plastic bottles for two weeks and invest in a BPA-free, stainless steel bottle. “Each of us can make a difference in preventing plastic pollution by refusing single-use plastics, such as plastic water bottles, and make sustainable choices when we shop,” Raitt said. 

Jack Johnson wrote an inspiring little song, encouraging us to stop being “such fancypants” and drop the plastic water bottle habit. Alongside Jack’s video are short shout-outs for AB 1998 from our notable supporters JJ Abrams,  Fran Drescher,  The Ditty Bops, and Louie Pshihoyos, the director of “The Cove.”

Musician Ben Harper also raised his voice against single-use and disposable plastic, and in support of Plastic Pollution Coalition. If you haven’t already been to his site, check it out.

And many more have spoken out and given us quotes, currently rotating on this web site.

Music, art, and performance inspires us, energizes and gives our life meaning in ways that are sometimes too mysterious to define. Art feeds our souls. And that’s why these artists are such particularly potent messengers for the truth about our world.

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