Lettuce Be Naked — a How-To Guide

Dear Plastic Pollution Coalition,

I have a question regarding how to make additional changes to my lifestyle and eliminate plastic. I already don’t use single-use cups, cutlery, etc. But, for example I go to the farmers market thinking I am doing many things correctly, less fossil fuels used to get the food there, less packaging, fresher, better for me, and so on. BUT when I use my reusable shopping bag, bring the stuff home and put it in the vegetable drawer, then later go to get something out, it is all shriveled up and not really usable. Sooo if you live in a city and don’t have a veggie garden, how do you make things last without using plastic? 


Lovely Naked Lettuce (and Other Pretty Plastic-Free Produce)

By Beth Terry

Lettuce wraps are my new best friend. I don’t love salad, but I’ve discovered (very late to the party) that nice fat lettuce leaves can substitute for any bread-type product. In fact, I can’t think of a single type of sandwich, be it on bread, bagels, tortillas, or any other grain-based leavened baked good, that can’t be made even better (and of course healthier) by using lettuce instead (OK, grilled cheese. But I’ll figure out a way.)

The thing is, I can’t buy lettuce just anywhere.  Why?  Because, in the immortal words of Jeb Berrier in the film, Bag It, “I like my lettuce loose, like my ladies.” Or something like that. It’s 1am, and I don’t feel like looking it up. But most lettuce, even if it’s not wrapped in plastic, has either a plastic band or a big fat twist tie around it.

And while some of those twist ties are wire and paper instead of plastic, I’d rather not generate any garbage if I can help it. (How many twist ties can anyone actually reuse?  And vendors won’t take them back.)

So I wait until I find a store (like Market Hall Produce in my neighborhood) selling naked lettuce and snatch it up. Just like I did today.

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Photo: Muffet / Foter.com / CC BY 

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