Plastic Pollution Exhibit Opens in Greece

May 2015 to October 2015, the Goulandris Museum of Natural History in Kifissia ~ Athens, Greece presents “Message from the Sea”, an exhibition combining the most current scientific information around plastic in the sea with visual art curated by Dianna Cohen, artist and PPC CEO & Co-Founder, in collaboration with artist and Georgia State University professor Pam Longobardi. The exhibit illustrates various aspects of the global plastic pollution problem, including impacts on both land and sea, humans and animals, as well as the relationship between plastic, the petrochemical industry, fossil fuels, and climate change.

The artists and works included in the art portion of the Goulandris Museum include: Electron microphotographs collaboration by Robert Simmons and Pam Longobardi;  “Ouroboros” – 2014 ocean plastic from Kefalonia, steel wire and mesh created by Pam Longobardi, Susan Knippenberg, Lauren Peterson, Krista Clark, Tori Tinsley, and Wesley Terpstra; photographic work by Frank Siegel & Dyan Ferren, Wayne Sentman and Pat Swain; dance performance by Susan Knippenberg; wall installation by Lauren Peterson; and  “Ocean of Plastic” Mural – Dianna Cohen and the K-5th Grade students at BFIS Benjamin Franklin International School 2010.

The exhibition includes both science and art exhibits to educate visitors about the issue of global plastic pollution and to offer ideas for solutions.

Last year, Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Drifters Project (a PPC member project, led by Longobardi) also  jointly launched the ongoing Plastic-Free Island project in Greece. That project is focused on reducing the plastic footprint of the Greek isle of Kefalonia. With a team of 40 international students from Greece, the U.S., and Australia, the Plastic Free Island project is working to engage the local community on Kefalonia about plastic pollution issues, study forensic evidence of plastic pollution and remove it from sea caves and on beaches, create large-scale public art to expose the problem, and design alternatives to plastic for local businesses.

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Photo: ‘Messages From the Sea,’ GAIA Center of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History • Athens, Greece

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