The Digital Landfill of the Litterati

Trash is everywhere, as Jeff Kirschner’s young daughter pointed out one day while they enjoyed a stroll near their home in California’s Bay Area. Someone had dumped a tub of cat litter in a stream. The child knew: “Daddy, that doesn’t go there.”

Six months later, Kirschner launched Litterati, a “Digital Landfill” of geotagged trash that people have come across, then paused to Instagram with the hashtag #litterati. Contributors also tag their images with types and brands, and Litterati captures the data and makes it available to users. Every piece of trash in the Digital Landfill is visible on the global Litterati map.

After they post, users are instructed to properly dispose of their subjects.

Kirschner hopes the running tally will contribute to the dialogue between activists and manufacturers. “By combining technology, social awareness and art,” he says, “the Litterati is tackling this ever-escalating problem one piece of litter at a time.”

Join the Litterati.

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