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Plastic Pollution Coalition member ECOlunchbox has begun a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new Blue Water Bento Box. It’s a non-toxic, stainless steel container with beautiful molded silicon lids that are wonderfully leak-proof too. The lids feature seashells and waves and things that make you think of the pristine ocean we all long for. Like all their bentos, these come in various sizes. Help Ecolunchbox bring the Blue Water Bento to market by contributing to their fundraising campaign here. 

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  1. Lvgolfn says:

    I stock Delmonte and Dole fruit cups at a grocery store. A real big waste of plastic going out of the store every day, and these products do not stock well on the shelves. Constantly getting knocked off the shelves and hitting the floor. The product is not sealed very well, plus the mess that has to be cleaned up. What happened to having containers that could be filled with fruit, jello and pudding that the containers can be washed and reused? Only these corporations continue making them and making a profit while the containers are thrown out and or not being recycled, and all for convenience. These corporations should be banned for making these products.
    I have lived in the day where lunch was packed with no plastic, using tupperware containers for fruit, taking them back home to wash and use again.
    I will never buy these products from these corporations.

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