Drastic Plastic: Your Mission Should You Choose to Accept It

Did you know? The equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic enters every minute. Over recent decades, society has moved from reusable containers to one of single-use, disposable plastic products.

The overuse of plastic in the food industry is growing problem. Most plastic food wrappers are made to be used once, but designed to last forever, harming animals, the environment, and even our own health.

We're calling on YOU to help us solve the problem of plastic food packaging in the New Year. 

The Challenge:

How do we get a commitment from supermarkets to reduce the plastic packaging they use?

We invite our members and followers to join us on a Mission to create and develop ideas to reduce the over packaging of food in grocery stores and supermarkets by creating a collective movement to change industry behavior. 

Use the app to learn more, vote on other people’s ideas, add your own, and see how well your ideas are doing.

The App:

We will launch the Mission on Jan. 9. You don’t need any experience, know how, or special skills. Sign up below, and we’ll message you with a link when we go live.

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Plastic pollution is a threat to our environment and health. By reducing the use of plastic in food packaging we can help create a healthier environment for animal and human life.

Get your ideas ready and stay tuned for the next step in this Drastic Plastic Mission.

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