Actors and Activists to Highlight ‘Voices 4 Oceans’ on Mar. 23

Notable actors and activists will join forces to support The 5 Gyres Institute at the Voices 4 Oceans benefit storytelling event in Santa Monica, California, on Thursday, Mar. 23.

Storytellers at the “Tall Tales & Silver Linings” themed event include Ashlan Gorse Cousteau (E! Entertainment), Danni Washington (“After Earth”), Eric Balfour (“Haven”), youth activist Erin Schrode, Graham Hamilton (“Code Black”), comedian Jake Johanssen, author Jillian Lauren, environmental activists Jordan Howard and Lindsay Dahl, Shiva Rose (“Return to Babylon”), Steve Connell (“We Are the Lions”), and designer/entrepreneur Steve Glenn.

The event includes food and a hosted bar, and a silent auction offering surf trips to Costa Rica, Jack Johnson’s guitar and Hollywood Bowl tickets, a Bureo Board, and much more. All proceeds will support the 5 Gyres mission to end the global health crisis of plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Facts:

300 million tons of new plastic is produced in the United States each year and less than 10 percent of plastic is recovered for recycling.

5.25 trillion particles weighing in at 270,000 tons of “plastic smog” pollute our oceans worldwide—and a full 80% of that marine plastic pollution comes from land.

More than 600 species are endangered or killed by marine plastic pollution.

Plastic wreaks havoc on a marine ecosystem dependent on phytoplankton, which produce 70% of the earth’s oxygen and sequester 40% of its carbon.

5 Gyres is a PPC member organization.

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  1. William Hamilton formerly lived in Outer Hebrides seventies says:

    Got to view the documentary Bozeman Montana 3/23/2017 on the Faroe Islands disaster happening to their food source. Would hope an alternative source can be found to solve their delema

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