Say ‘No’ to Plastic Straws for Plastic Free July

Join us and over one million people worldwide participating in Plastic Free July! Plastic Pollution Coalition and The Last Plastic Straw challenge you to refuse single-use plastic during the month of July and beyond. Get started by saying no to plastic drinking straws!

Did you know? Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States alone. In only the past twenty years, people have come to expect plastic straws in every drink: an example of extreme waste being generated for minimal convenience. These short-lived tools are usually dropped into a garbage can with no further thought, instantly becoming a source of plastic pollution.  

What can you do?

  • Simply request “no straw” at bars, cafes, and restaurants and join us in the global movement to eliminate plastic drinking straws from our landfills, our waterways, our oceans, and our beaches.

  • Reach out to local eateries in your neighborhood or town and ask them to change their protocol to “only serve straws upon request”.  Simply download and print this PDF and ask them to try it for the month of July. You can also  leave these informational cards with your bill!

  • Encourage these eateries to make the change to non-plastic straw options – like paper, rye wheat, glass, or stainless steel – if diners do request a straw. We have a business-specific pledge for them to sign, too.

Have you had your last plastic straw? Take the pledge!