8-year-old Poppy Upcycles Discarded Plastic to Benefit Plastic Pollution Coalition

When 8-year-old Poppy Wilder from Exeter, England, learned that most plastic ends up in our environment, she decided to take action.

“She found the whole idea of throwing away so much plastic very upsetting,” explains her mother, Kate. “We talk a bit about reusing and recycling items at home, so she You-Tubed ‘reusing plastic bottles’ and saw that they could be turned into other things.”

Poppy’s imagination took over and she created pencil cases, sweet jars, money boxes, ruck sacks, toy tortoises, snails, and snack pots. She sold the items at her school and donated the proceeds to Plastic Pollution Coalition. 

Thank you, Poppy!

Thank you Jack Johnson and the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation for matching donations to Plastic Pollution Coalition this month. 

Read the facts on plastic pollution.

Take the pledge to refuse single-use plastic.

Join our global Coalition. 

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