This Invention Could Save Millions of Plastic Containers From Landfill

How much waste is created by plastic containers for dish soap, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and cleaning products? A new company is breaking the ‘take, make, dispose’ cycle and using refill technology to reduce plastic waste.  

About the same size as a standard soft-drink vending machine, EcoPod refills multiple products from a single station. Users simply bring their containers to the EcoPod, select their desired refill product, and place bottles in the correct dispensing area. All products are immediately ready for use.

EcoPod Founder Henry Pino got the idea as a high-rise developer who was concerned about the incredible amount of waste from laundry detergent bottles he saw in condo and apartment buildings. “EcoPod makes a lot of sense for the convenience of the tenants in that it is a permanent system that gives them accessibility to any cleaning product at any time,” said Pino. “It’s faster and cheaper than even Amazon!” 

Another benefit: Building developers can receive LEED certification points. According to Pino, the refill system can be used in supermarkets as well and will save stores and shoppers money by bypassing the standard distribution process of small plastic containers stocked on store shelves. 

The next step for EcoPod is working to create stainless steel refillable containers. 

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