10 Tips for A Summer Beauty Routine that is Healthier for Our Oceans

By PPC and Nowboat

Summer is here! As you lounge poolside or beach side, it’s the perfect time to rethink your beauty routine and make sustainable choices to benefit our oceans and environment. Plastic is a substance that our earth cannot digest, and brands are making it easier for us to find marvelous alternatives to single-use plastic! Here are ten creative ideas to get you started.

1. Use a mineral sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens are poisoning natural coral reefs and may be harmful to human and animal health. Read the label on your sunscreen bottle and avoid these four ingredients.

2. Avoid pool toys with PVC

Unfortunately, many inflatable pool toys are made from toxic PVC (also called Vinyl) which is the most environmentally-damaging of all plastics. Reduce your use of pool toys and consider floaties and mats made from non-toxic EVA foam.

3. Consider purchasing personal care products packaged in paper or glass

Two of our favorites include Organic Essence (paper) and True Botanicals (glass).

4. DIY cosmetics

If you’re feeling adventurous, try making your own cosmetics and storing in your existing makeup containers. Check out this tutorial from Wellness Mama.

5. Go plastic-free with your hair care

Try a shampoo bar, we love these, or check out the no ‘poo method.

6. Look for personal care products without microbeads

What are microbeads? Tiny plastic balls found in exfoliants, body scrubs, even toothpaste. Once they’re washed down your drain, they make their way into the water system, where they are too small to be captured by wastewater facilities and end up wreaking havoc on our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Read labels and avoid products with polyethylene and/or polypropylene in the ingredient list.

7. Just say no to plastic straws in your drink

Plastic straws harm wildlife and cannot be recycled. Plus, sucking on straws may contribute to wrinkles on the skin around your mouth. If you can, skip the straw! Learn more by checking out The Last Plastic Straw.

8. Skip flip flops

Each year, tons of flip flops wash up on the East African coast, wreaking havoc on the marine ecosystem. Look for well-made summer shoes that will last for more than one season. Check out these sustainable summer shoe choices.

9. Hydrate responsibly

Drinking enough water has huge benefits for your skin. Bring a glass or steel reusable water bottle with you and refill it instead of purchasing single-use plastic bottles.

10. Simplify

Embrace the summer season and use less makeup and fewer beauty products overall. Try taking inspiration from the simple and easy beauty routine of a brand like Ringana. Their products are packaged in glass and if you ship back the empty bottles you receive a free product!

Cheers to summer!

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