The Lotus Trolley Bag’s Plastic Pollution Solution

Do you have a jumble of reusable bags in your home? The Lotus Trolley Bag system was invented to make using and shopping with reusable bags much easier.

“We were so excited when the plastic bag ban took effect in California, but then we had too many reusable bags,” says founder Farzan Dehmoubed. “My wife and I said we have to find a better system.”

Farzan and wife Jen studied many different bag systems before arriving at the set of four sturdy bags — including a cooler bag and a bag with a compartment that can hold fragile items such as eggs and wine.

The Dehmoubeds were motivated by the plastic pollution problem and their research that the average American family uses over 400 single-use plastic bags per year. As they created the Lotus system, they wanted to make sure the bags would be truly durable and stand the test of time. Lotus bags are made from recycled plastics, are double-stitched, and can hold up to 50 pounds each. 

“It’s great to see the reaction from other people in the store when you use the bags,” explains Farzan. “People comment on how cool the bags are, and we hope they start thinking about what they can do at home to reduce plastics. A simple change can make a big difference.”

Next, the family-owned company will be releasing a version that includes bigger bags and reusable produce bags as well. 

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