Drastic Plastic Mission to Change Industry Behavior

Plastic Pollution Coalition has teamed up with an app called Anew Mission to help ordinary people create a collective movement to change industry behavior. The mission: Drastic Plastic is collecting seed ideas on how consumers can push supermarkets and grocery stores to stop using so much plastic.

As awareness about the global plastic pollution crisis grows, more and more consumers want to shop with less waste. In fact, a recent survey showed 91 percent of people in the UK wanted a plastic-free aisle in the supermarket.

"Consumers are often blamed for buying food in plastic packaging; however, many consumers do not have a choice to buy food items plastic free,” said Jane Patton, managing director of Plastic Pollution Coalition. "While you may bring your own bags to the market, food such as pears, cauliflower, avocado, lettuce, cucumber, meats, dairy, etc. may already be wrapped in plastic. We need supermarkets to hear us and commit to change."

Already in the first two weeks of launch, more than 300 people have downloaded the app and started adding ideas, and a video explaining the mission has been viewed more than 22,000 times.

"How can we get supermarkets to stop using so much plastic packaging? By downloading the Anew Mission app, citizens can add their ideas, vote on the best ones, and strategize with us on how to make the solutions feasible," said Jeremy Agnew, founder of Anew Mission.

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