How To Be a Last Plastic Straw Agent for Change

By Jackie Nuñez 

If you have already taken the pledge to refuse plastic straws, you might be ready to take the next step in your community. Here’s what you can do the next time you go out to eat or drink.

Scope It Out – Take a look around… 

  • Are there plastic straws in glasses at tables?
  • Do all or most drinks have plastic straws in them?

If water glasses have plastic straws: This is a code red venue!

Say It – Order Your Drinks With No Straw

“No straw, please!”

Secure It – Repeat It

  • Make sure your server understands that your table is to receive no straws.
  • Tell your server why you don’t want a straw.

Support It – Give ’em Some Love! 

Give your server positive affirmation for honoring and fulfilling your request of serving you a drink without a straw.

Share It – Social Media Posts

  • Write a positive review of the restaurant. 
  • Share by posting photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtags: #NoPlasticStraws, #PlasticPollutes and any specific hashtags to your or other groups working to rid plastic pollution.

Seal It – Speak to a manager and/or leave a card 

Ask the venue to sign a pledge to serve straws upon request and switch to reusable straws or naturally biodegradable single-use straw alternatives.

Jackie Nuñez is the founder of The Last Plastic Straw, a project of Plastic Pollution Coalition. She lives in Santa Cruz, California. 

Take the pledge to refuse plastic straws.

Join our global Coalition.

2 responses to “How To Be a Last Plastic Straw Agent for Change”

  1. says:

    Hi. Would you like to help me solve the world’s plastic straw problem? I am very close to a solution, but I need your support. Please let me know if you would like to help.

    Kind regards,

  2. Angelica says:

    Thank you for this informative article. My goal is to spread awareness about the negative environmental impact of plastic straws. You have provided me with some good first steps!

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