Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Straws Upon Request Bill

Photo: Plastic straws collected on a beach. Photo by Dianna Cohen

Today Governor Jerry Brown signed 2 of 6 bills to reduce plastic pollution in California and beyond. SB 1335 – Sustainable Food Packaging – prohibits non-recyclable and non-compostable takeout food packaging at state facilities including parks, beaches, colleges, and fairgrounds. AB 1884 – Straws Upon Request – requires restaurants to offer straws only upon request.

In a signing statement for Straws Upon Request, Gov. Brown said: “Plastics, in all forms–straws, bottles, packaging, bags, etc.–are choking our planet. It is a very small step to make a customer who wants a plastic straw ask for it. And it might make them pause and think again about an alternative. But one thing is clear, we must find ways to reduce and eventually eliminate single-use plastic products.”

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Jackie Nuñez, founder of The Last Plastic Straw, a project of Plastic Pollution Coalition, praised California for bold leadership. “I am so pleased so see California stepping up to address plastic pollution and making straws available upon request. The plastic straw is the connector to the broader problem and the key to opening the door of awareness and our role in creating and demanding change. AB 1884 is a win for the health of humans, animals, waterways and oceans, and our environment.”

Dianna Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition said: “Thank you to all of our Coalition members, notable members, and partners for your support and passion towards a world free of plastic pollution.”

Thank you to all of our members and followers who joined our campaign to ask Gov. Brown to sign Straws Upon Request.

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  1. CDLY07751685@GMAIL.COM says:

    So i bought this lovely reusable straws personal 9 pcs set stainless steel straws to get prepared.

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