Plastic Pollution Coalition Turns 11 Years Old

Did you know? Plastic Pollution Coalition turned 11 years old on Oct. 24, 2020. The movement to stop plastic pollution has made great strides over the years. We are thankful for all of our members, advisors, donors, and friends who have brought us to this point.

Here are 11 major accomplishments we are celebrating from the past 11 years:

  1. Plastic Pollution Coalition has grown into a broad alliance of 1,200+ businesses and organizations, and 13,000+ individual members, from 75 countries on 6 continents.
  2. Our REFUSE Campaign generated thousands of pledges to REFUSE plastic before you “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.”
  3. The Refill Revolution diverted millions of plastic cups and water bottles from landfill at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival for 7 years running.
  4. We have changed the narrative, calling ‘marine debris’ what it in fact is: plastic pollution.
  5. In 2010, our TEDx: Great Pacific Garbage Patch ignited a movement where experts, influencers, and activists started bringing increased attention to the global plastic pollution crisis.
  6. The Last Plastic Straw Founder Jackie Nunez highlighted the irrelevance of the plastic straw, built a groundswell of support to “skip the straw,” and continue to hold companies like Starbucks accountable.
  7. We have grown our support network of amazing Scientific AdvisorsNotable Coalition membersYouth Ambassadors, and Executive Advisory Board members to lead the way and spread the word.
  8. The Better Alternatives Now (BAN) List, produced with 5 Gyres, identified the most dangerous plastics.
  9. Our Plastic Free Guides & Tools include The Plastic-Free Campus Manual (with Post-Landfill Action Network), The Healthy Baby Guide (with MADE SAFE), and the Global Legislative Advocacy Toolkit, are all available for free on our website, and are accessed daily.
  10. The ReThink Plastic Pilot Study, launched with Child Health and Development Studies, demonstrated changed behavior reduces exposure to health hazards from the toxic chemicals in plastic.
  11. We are a founding member of #breakfreefromplastic global and support the proposed U.S. federal legislation: The Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act.
Plastic Pollution Coalition launch with founders and advisors on the beach in Malibu, CA, on Oct. 24, 2009.

We still have a lot of work to do. Here are 11 projects we are currently pursuing:

  1. As part of TED Countdown, we hosted 84 mins of programming called TEDx Plastic Pollution Coalition on Oct. 14.
  2. PPC Global Webinars, educating and informing on topics on plastic pollution and solutions, with our next webinar on October 27, “Unseen: Microplastics Research & Solutions.
  3. Our Global Plastic Reduction Legislative Toolkit, created with members, is the primary global portal and resource for individuals, organizations, and policymakers focused on eliminating plastic pollution through policy action.
  4. U.S. Federal Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act of 2020 introduced in February 2020.
  5. Following our Advocacy to Action grassroots training (with Oceana & Student PIRGs), supporting youth and local activist leaders with small grants to put their advocacy efforts into action.
  6. Together with our fiscal sponsor, Earth Island Institute, taking Legal Action with a ground-breaking lawsuit filed against major plastic-polluting corporations in California.
  7. Promoting PPC Youth Ambassador Hannah Testa of Hannah4Change’s new book Taking on the Plastics Crisis, published on October 13 from Pocket Change Collective (Penguin Random House).
  8. Partnering with The Conrad Foundation on the new Ocean Challenge as part of the Conrad Challenge, a youth STEM innovation challenge.
  9. Launched The Healthy Pregnancy Guide (with MADE SAFE) to help navigate the challenges of preparing a nontoxic home and making healthier living choices for babies and the planet.
  10. Continuing to call out major polluters through our Corporate Campaigns, including Amazon & Coca-Cola.
  11. Partnered with on an immersive 360 virtual reality film, Sea Plastic, narrated by PPC Notable Tim Robbins.

Together, we are creating a healthier, more just, equitable world—a world free of plastic pollution.

Check out our 11th Anniversary campaign, where your donation will be doubled, up to $11,000, when you give by October 31. We thank you!

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