Plastic-Free Autumn: 10 Ways to Enjoy the Season


Fall is a beautiful time full of festivities, scenic vistas, and delicious treats—but it can also come with a huge plastic tab. Read on to find out how to enjoy fall with none of the plastic.

Fall is a beautiful time full of festivities, scenic vistas, and delicious treats—but it can also come with a huge plastic tab. Here are Plastic Pollution Coalition’s 10 tips for enjoying the beauty and tastiness of fall with none of the plastic.

1. Bring a Reusable Cup to Enjoy Pumpkin-Spiced or Other Fall Beverages
Plastic Free Autumn

Some people wait all year for delicious pumpkin spice lattes, hot ciders, and other fall-exclusive beverages but don’t want single-use plastic lids or cups. Luckily, many coffee and tea shops allow reusable cups and thermoses. Take advantage and enjoy your spicy fall beverages in a reusable metal or insulated glass container.

2. Support a Local Food Truck & Bring a Reusable Container
Plastic Free Autumn 2

Local food trucks are great destinations for fall-exclusive entrees and also an opportunity to support a local business while bringing reusable containers. Grab your reusables and dine out plastic-free!

3. Visit the Farmer’s Market (Bring Your Reusable Bags)
Plastic Free Autumn 3

Apples and pumpkins and squash, oh my! So many delicious fruits and vegetables come in season during the fall. Support your local farmer’s market to enjoy fresh, local, organic fall produce and don’t forget to bring your reusable bags!

4. Make Tasty Fall Treats at Home
Plastic Free Autumn 4

If dining out isn’t your thing, there are a number of delicious fall treats you can make at home. From baking an apple or pumpkin pie to making your own spiced cider, to taking your Halloween pumpkin seeds and roasting them with olive oil and salt. You can also turn those autumn pumpkins into delicious pumpkin soup! Enjoy the taste of fall at home and skip the plastic to-go packaging.

5. Host a Harvest Dinner
Plastic Free Autumn 5

One of the best ways to save on plastic is to dine in with friends and family and enjoy the flavors and fun of fall with a potluck using fall veggies. Grab that delicious seasonal produce from the garden or local farmer’s market and throw a classic harvest meal.

6. Go Apple Picking (with a Reusable Bag)

Nothing quite compares to visiting an apple orchard during harvest season. The crisp smell of fresh fruit, the crunchy and juicy bites right off the tree—what more can be said? If you have the means, take a trip to the apple orchard and grab some delicious in-season snacks or bundle up to bake a delicious apple pie at home.

7. Go For a Fall Hike

The crisp autumn air, the changing leaves, and scenic early sunsets make fall an excellent time to get out into nature. Plan a hike or a trip to a national park or local nature preserve, snap some seasonal photos, and capture the best of the season. And for those with artistic inclinations …

8. Bring a Sketch Pad Into Nature

… bring a sketch pad! Fall is an excellent time to capture stunning vistas like no other. For the artistically inclined, skip the camera and go out and capture the autumnal beauty through YOUR artistic lens!

9. Watch a Live Sports Game and Tailgate with Friends

Fall is a great time for live sporting events. Around the world, many soccer leagues resume games and in the United States, Major League Baseball enters the playoff season heading into the World Series. High School and College Football games also kick into full swing in autumn. Enjoy live sporting events plastic-free by tailgating with reusable containers before the game and say no to those single-use cups and food trays.

10. Make Pressed Leaves by Putting Them Inside a Heavy Book

When it comes to fall decorations, natural, colorful leaves are a free alternative to cheap plastic store-bought items. Preserve beautiful fall leaves following these easy steps:

  • First, pick leaves that aren’t dry but are thin, with a low moisture content.
  • Next, sandwich the leaves with newspaper or wax paper. 
  • Take the sandwiched leaves and place them within a hard book. Stack many books on top for extra pressure as needed.
  • Check on the leaves every few days to ensure they are drying and not rotting.
  • After 2-3 weeks you will have beautiful, pressed autumn leaves!

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  1. RPLA says:

    Autumn is a calming and comforting season. I prefer to shop using my own bag and if there is a food truck or restaurant that allows me to bring my own lunch boxes I would be very happy, everyone has to take a trip at this time to reduce the amount of plastic waste.

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