Plastic “Tox” Episode 8: Plastic-Free Holiday Traditions With Ranae Hanson

Ranae Lenor Hanson is an author, activist, and educator. In 2021, she wrote Watershed: Attending to Body and Earth in Distress, in part to honor her students’ requests that she share their climate-refugee stories with audiences she could reach more quickly than they could. She wove those stories together with a song of love for the watersheds of Minnesota, indigenous Earth-based ethics, and explorations of the way diabetes (like her own Type 1) parallels climate change both in its challenges and in its possible solutions. Ranae holds a PhD in Comparative Education and taught at Minneapolis College for 31 years where she learned with and from diverse native-born and immigrant students. 

Ranae spoke with Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) Project Coordinator Amelia Hanson, her daughter, about how their family has maintained a plastic-free and zero waste set of holiday traditions despite yearly increases in plastic production and a massive amount of plastic involved in the average American holiday celebration.

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