How To Celebrate Birthdays Plastic Free

Birthdays are a special celebratory occasion that should not come at the expense of the environment and our health. It’s simple to plan a memorable birthday without creating more pollution with plastic plates and cups, party favors, and water bottles containing microplastics. By opting for a plastic-free celebration where waste is minimized, you can have a fulfilling and fun experience that is both better for you and the environment. Where to begin? Here are some fun ideas for celebrating birthdays without all the plastic.


Stainless Steel Cups & Plates

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Using stainless steel cups and plates instead of plastic and other throwaway items is a great way to reduce plastic and paper wastes and reduce your carbon footprint. Throwaway plates and cups may seem convenient, but they cause a lot of harm. Ultimately they will be sent to a landfill, dump, or incinerator, or contribute to the plastic pollution accumulating  in our oceans and other waterways. Additionally, using reusable stainless steel cups and plates can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your celebration. They can be relatively inexpensive to purchase, are easy to clean, and can be reused again and again—saving you time and money in the long run! Because they are so durable, you can also easily loan stainless steel cups to friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

Cloth Napkins

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Using cloth napkins is an eco-friendly alternative to paper napkins, which often come packaged in single-use plastic and create loads of waste. Cloth napkins are also more absorbent and durable than paper napkins and can easily be washed and reused, making them a practical choice for any birthday celebration.

Glass or Metal Beverage Dispenser

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Using a glass or metal dispenser is an environmentally friendly option for serving drinks, as it reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles or cups that pollute our planet. It also provides a unique and eye-catching way to serve drinks at your party, and can be customized with plastic-free decorations to fit your theme.

Glass Bottle Beverages

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Opting for beverages that come in glass bottles is an easy way to reduce plastic pollution, as glass bottles can be infinitely recycled (unlike plastic) and when in use do not release harmful chemicals into your body or the environment. They can also provide a nostalgic and vintage vibe to your party, and can be used as a decorative element to complement your party theme or decor.

Reusable Straws

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Sipping from reusable straws made from bamboo, glass, or stainless steel instead of plastic is a simple way to reduce waste. Reusable straws can also be a stylish and practical addition to your party decor, and can be customized with unique patterns or colors to add a touch of fun to your celebration. Additionally, replacing single-use plastic straws with non-plastic reusables can help promote a wider range of helpful plastic-free practices and encourage others to reduce their plastic use on a regular basis.

Plastic-Free Party Favors

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Choosing plastic-free party favors for kids is a great way to reduce plastic waste and set an example for young people to carry sustainable practices into their daily activities and choices. Handmade bracelets, wooden toys, or coloring books can also serve as a fun and unique keepsake for your guests, and can be customized to match your party theme or color scheme. Furthermore, opting for these types of party favors can promote creativity and imagination in children, while also teaching them about the importance of ending plastic pollution.

Plastic-Free Decorations

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Skip the balloons and plastic streamers and make decorations for your party from truly recyclable and compostable materials like paper, flowers, and food! Cut out pages from an old coloring book that matches your party’s theme and hang them with twine or cotton string for artistic and delightful party ornaments. Hanging popcorn, dried fruits, or flowers also make for great compostable, zero-waste, and eye-catching party decorations. Don’t spend money on cheap plastic tablecloths or party napkins that also contain polluting plastics either. Traditional fabric tablecloths and napkins are more durable, and heavier than the cheap plastic items you use once and throw “away”—so you also don’t need to worry about them being blown off your table in the wind. 


If you’re looking to give a thoughtful and sustainable gift that won’t contribute to plastic pollution, there are many options beyond traditional plastic items. In fact, gifting experiences can be just as memorable and meaningful as physical items, and can provide a great way to celebrate without creating unnecessary waste. Here are some fun ideas for plastic-free gifts that are sure to please.

Gifting Plants

How to celebrate birthdays plastic free

Gifting plants can be a unique and healthy gift idea, as they not only add greenery and beauty to the recipient’s home but also have air-purifying abilities that can help improve air quality indoors. In addition, plants can be long-lasting and low-maintenance gifts that can be enjoyed for years to come with proper care, and even help relieve stress.

Outdoor Experiences

Gifting outdoor experiences like rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking can provide a unique and exciting way to celebrate a birthday without contributing to plastic pollution. Such gifts also promote physical activity and restorative time spent in nature. These experiences can create lasting memories and provide a fun and adventurous way to celebrate any special occasion.

Concerts, Theater, & Music Classes

Gifting cultural experiences like concert or theater tickets can provide a special and memorable way to celebrate a birthday without the need for wrapping paper or plastic waste, while also supporting the arts and creating opportunities to create new memories. In addition, attending a live performance can be a great way to bond and connect with friends and loved ones while enjoying a shared experience. Music and improv classes also make great gifts, and can help develop a child’s creativity and artistic voice.

Cooking or Baking Classes

Gifting a cooking or baking class can provide a fun and hands-on way to learn new skills and create delicious meals or treats. Learning how to cook for oneself can also promote healthier and more sustainable eating by reducing reliance on plastic-packaged and processed foods. Additionally, taking a class can be a great way to spend quality time with friends or loved ones and create lasting memories.

Fitness & Skill-Based Classes

Gifting fitness classes such as a yoga, dance, or martial arts lesson can provide a healthy and energizing way to celebrate a birthday without creating plastic waste. In addition to promoting physical activity and wellness, these classes can also offer opportunities for personal growth by fostering new skills. Yoga classes, in particular, can offer a range of physical and mental health benefits, including increased flexibility, strength, and balance, as well as improved focus and relaxation. Dance classes can be a fun and social way to stay active and can provide an opportunity for self-expression and creative exploration, making it a great gift for anyone looking to enhance their physical and emotional well-being while celebrating their birthday in a sustainable way. Martial arts classes can provide self-defense skills and instill discipline and focus, making it a great gift for both adults and children. 

Celebrating a birthday free of plastic is a simple and effective way to show respect for the environment and our bodies, while also creating meaningful memories with loved ones. From choosing reusable tableware to gifting plastic-free items and experiences, there are many fun and creative ways to celebrate sustainably. By taking steps to reduce our plastic consumption, we can all play a role in protecting the planet and shaping a culture of care for future generations. 
For more tips on plastic-free gift giving including zero-waste gift wrapping, check out our tips for celebrating the holidays plastic-free! And take the pledge to Refuse Single-Use Plastic:


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