Tomfoolery & Plastic Pollution Coalition Launch “The Plastic Age”

Today Tomfoolery and Plastic Pollution Coalition are excited to present “The Plastic Age.” In this collaboration, UK-based visual poet Tomfoolery uses his creative and unique spoken-word poetry and filmmaking talents to explore the history of the plastic pollution crisis—from humankind initially harvesting crude oil to the invention and overuse of plastics.

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In “The Plastic Age,” we learn that while plastics may have brought us unparalleled convenience, they have come at an unsustainable cost. By prioritizing profits over people and the planet, the petrochemical and plastics industries have harmed the Earth and our bodies, causing widespread pollution and injustice. The crisis is severe and growing rapidly as new plastic production escalates—yet, real solutions exist. Governing bodies and communities must implement and enforce regulations that turn off the tap on new plastics production, and incentivize and implement reusable, refillable, repairable, sharable solutions that eliminate wastefulness of toxic single-use plastics. 

Moving Beyond “The Plastic Age”

the plastic age tomfoolery

By laying out the facts and solutions of plastic pollution, “The Plastic Age” encourages us to move beyond wastefulness and consumerism to a healthier, more equitable, and more sustainable future for all. The video’s key message is that humanity needs to make systemic changes to our culture and the industries and systems that underpin our daily lives.

Such changes are now within reach, with the potential for significant action on the table. Last year, the United Nations adopted a resolution initiating a two-year process of negotiations to develop the first-ever global treaty addressing the full life cycle of plastics. The upcoming round of negotiations, INC-2, will be held at the UNESCO Headquarters, in Paris, France, from May 29–June 2, 2023. The major outcome of these talks is expected to be the earliest iterations of the treaty, and it’s important that this draft is as strong as possible and includes clear pathways to recognizing and implementing real solutions. With major challenges such as industry influences attempting to water down policy and lead us to false solutions made clear at and since INC-1, it’s a critical time to speak out.

Take Action

the plastic age tomfoolery

You can take action now to help end “The Plastic Age”: 

• Instead of leading the world in generating the plastic pollution crisis, it’s time for the U.S. Government to lead by forging ambitious solutions. Tell the U.S. Government to take a stronger stance on the UN Global Plastics Treaty negotiations. Sign the petition

• Outside the U.S.? Tell world leaders that we demand an ambitious global treaty that puts people and the planet over industry profits, once and for all. Sign the petition.


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  1. Nico Morris says:

    I have devoted my life to plastic pollution awareness since meeting Bucky Fuller in 1972 .

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