Member Spotlight: All Things Kind, BLARG, People over Plastic, Pirani Life 

Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) Members come from a wide range of sectors and are aligned in their mission to build a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on communities and ecosystems around the world. The Coalition Spotlight is our monthly blog to uplift and showcase their work, giving our readers an inside look at some influential change-makers. This month, we highlight four members who are showcasing grassroots organizing, storytelling for environmental justice, stainless steel replacements for solo cups, and a zero waste marketplace.

All Things Kind Market

All Things Kind Market is the first one-stop shop for zero waste products and refills in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Built on values of human kindness, mindfulness, and community, this sustainable home goods market is providing Centre County and an online community with a wide variety of everyday goods that are free of plastic. From reusable beeswax food wraps to nontoxic moisturizers and beauty products in aluminum packaging, markets like All Things Kind are paving the way for consumer awareness about plastic waste and inspiring a societal shift towards regenerative alternatives and reuse.

Last year, All Things Kind Market refilled 7,808 oz of soap, saving almost a thousand 8-oz plastic bottles from ending up in landfills, incinerators, or our environment. Their most popular refill items include hand soap, laundry soap, and toothpaste tablets—all products that most Americans buy in single-use plastic packaging that is hard to recycle and clogs waste management streams. 

On March 4, All Things Kind Market will be celebrating 1 year in business. They have recently opened a “small shelf” satellite store in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to expand access to their favorite sustainable goods. They also recently won Best New Business in Silver through Best of State College and were featured in Forbes as a sustainable brick and mortar store. View their online store to swap single-use plastic products in your home, support this small business, and help grow the zero waste movement!

Brookhaven Landfill Action and Remediation Group (BLARG)

Brookhaven Landfill Action and Remediation Group (BLARG) is a grassroots environmental justice organization from Bellport, New York, seeking to close and clean up the toxic Brookhaven Landfill, which has harmed the community of North Bellport and surrounding neighborhoods for almost 50 years. The landfill continues to negatively impact adjacent communities’ air quality, groundwater, health outcomes, economic future, education sector, and quality of life, and exposes systemic injustices from the culmination of human waste.

BLARG was formed after the death of George Floyd with the acknowledgment and realization that the only way to prevent premature death of Black people is to identify what systemic issues are putting Black lives most at risk. Like many communities across the U.S., Brookhaven experiences systemic racism from decisions to place heavy polluting facilities, such as a toxic landfill, next to communities of color as a path of least resistance. BLARG is working to expose, interrupt, and rectify the harm this landfill has caused through remediation, equitable regional and local waste plans, and zero waste solutions that reduce, reuse, and reconceptualize waste that restores communities and allows them to thrive.

In 2021, BLARG helped stop the expansion of the landfill which was a monumental achievement to protect future generations from harm. They also have led a successful Community Composting Collective for the last 3 years that has diverted tons of organic waste from the landfill, preventing significant amounts of planet-warming methane gas from being generated  and released in the atmosphere.

Visit their site to learn more about their work, how to conduct your own Community Waste Audit, or get involved.

People over Plastic

People over Plastic is a BIPOC-led storytelling collective that uplifts and centers the stories of leaders, activists, journalists, artists, and community members to build an anti-racist, plastic-free future. This cultural and media hub was kickstarted with a wildly successful podcast that features leaders on the frontline of petrochemical production and plastic pollution, which is now well into their fourth season. 

Their work focuses on the entire value-chain of plastic pollution, from fossil fuel extraction to waste incinerators, and documents stories from the heart of Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities most harmed by big plastic. Their team operates through the lens of environmental justice, which they define as both a recognition and a remedy to a legacy of systemic racism and historical injustices from exploitation, cultural genocide, and enslavement. 

Through a series of nuanced, sensitive and in-depth podcasts, news stories, events, and other media engagements, they uplift stories of resilience and advance community-based solutions. People over Plastic aims to create accessible dialogues and thought-provoking conversations that spur systems change and restore communities.

For Black History Month, People over Plastic highlighted its pillar Food Sovereignty by featuring Barcelo Gardens in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Check out all four seasons of the PoP podcast to learn about stories of resilience, activism, and community-based solutions. Co-founder and president Shilpi Chhotray also moderated Plastic Pollution Coalition’s April 2023 webinar, Greenwashing: Debunking the Plastic Industry’s False Narrative.

Pirani Life

Pirani Life is a company on a mission to end the 500 Billion+ disposable cups wasted around the world every year. Their flagship product, the Pirani Insulated Stackable Tumbler, was designed to make convenience less wasteful and inspire more sustainable lifestyles as people celebrate. It’s stainless steel, triple insulated, stackable, dishwasher safe, and can keep a beverage cold for 12 hours!

Their tumblers are popular because of their versatility, feel, vacuum seal, and plastic-free packaging. These cups empower people to adopt more sustainable habits because they can be brought to every occasion, enhancing your next experience from a trip to your favorite coffee shop or an outdoor concert. 

Pirani is a small, family owned company that is a member of 1% for the Planet, working towards B Corp certification, and committed to initiatives that advance conservation and plastic pollution awareness. In addition to their plastic-free packaging and shipping practices, they are actively working on a circular take-back program for their products that provide customers with discounts in return.

This spring, they will be launching their newest 10-oz wine and whiskey stackable tumbler with enhanced organization features for maximum space efficiency. Check out their ultra-durable and plastic-free products and inspire reuse for your friends, family, and colleagues.

Does your business or organization align with our mission to build a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts? Apply to join our global movement.


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