Jeff Bridges Urges World Leaders to Create a Strong UN Plastics Treaty

Today, Actor Jeff Bridges, in collaboration with Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Break Free From Plastic movement, launched a new video calling on world leaders to create a strong UN Plastics Treaty as the fourth round of negotiations (INC-4) begin in Ottawa, Canada. The video premiered at an Earth Day screening of the documentary “Plastic People” in Ottawa on the eve of the start of INC-4.

Plastic is made from oil, and a strong UN Plastics Treaty would address the full “life cycle” of plastics, including fossil fuel extraction, plastic production, use, and disposal. 

As “Plastic People” shows, plastics and the chemicals in plastics have been linked to cancer, diabetes, obesity, hormone problems, fertility issues, and more.

The evidence is clear. Plastic poisons people. For the sake of our own health, future generations, nature, and all life on our beautiful planet, we need a UN Plastics Treaty that limits plastic production and supports communities—especially people living near petrochemical, plastic, and waste facilities around the world.

— Jeff Bridges 

Sign the petition urging world leaders to support a strong UN Plastics Treaty now. 

About Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges is an award-winning actor from Los Angeles, California, who has starred in more than 50 films during his long Hollywood career. He is also known for his charitable work, including environmental advocacy, as well as his music, drawing, and photography. Jeff Bridges is a Notable Member of Plastic Pollution Coalition.


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