Coalition Membership Badges

Usage Guidelines for Coalition Member Badges

Welcome to the Coalition! Please read through the Coalition Member Badge Guidelines carefully, and email us at with any additional questions.

Where can I use my Member Badge?
● Website
● Social media
● Email signature
● Newsletter
● Business cards
● Print materials

Where can’t I use my Member Badge?
● On packaging
● On products

● Do replace any existing instances of our Plastic Pollution Coalition logo with your Member Badge. ​Use of the Plastic Pollution Coalition logo is only permissible in contractually agreed upon cases. If you are interested in exploring this possibility, please reach out to ​​.

● Do ask us if you have questions about Member Badge uses not covered in these guidelines.

● Don’t modify the Member Badge in any way, such as by changing the design, scale, or color. If you can’t use the correct color due to technical limitations, use black and white.

● Don’t share your Member Badge with businesses, organizations, or individuals outside of your Member organization.

Downloading the Badges
Right-click the image below to download it.

Member Badges
(Transparent Background)


Member Badges
(White Background)


Email Badges