Artist Allies

Artist Allies

Plastic Pollution Coalition Artist Allies are creative, passionate individuals—photographers, sculptors, visual artists, and more—who use their art to change minds, hearts, and culture and in doing so, contribute to policy changes and to the systems shift needed to reduce the use of single-use plastic on the planet.

Art doesn’t change the world. Art changes people, and people change the world.

August Wilson, Playwright

Meredith Andrews

Alvaro Soler Arpa
Barcelona, Spain

Jo Atherton
United Kingdom

Dianna Cohen
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mark Dion
New York, NY, USA

Robin Frohardt
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Andrew Hughes
United Kingdom

Chris Jordan
Seattle, WA, USA

Max Liboiron
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Pam Longobardi
Atlanta, GA, USA

Yassi Mazandi
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Susan Middleton
San Francisco, CA, USA

Cynthia Minet
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Alexis Rockman
New York, NY, USA

Judith Selby/Richard Lang
California, USA

Alake Shilling
California, USA

Nicole Stott
Florida, USA

United Kingdom

Benjamin Von Wong
New York, NY, USA

Pinar Yoldas