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TBLI Talk: Creating an Economy in Service of Life

February 16, 2023 , 9:00 am 10:00 am EDT


B. Lorraine Smith holds a vision of an economy that works in service of life.

She has been working towards this vision with global companies since 2004, as an advisor, writer, speaker, and corporate mischievist, telling as much truth as she can figure out how to spell (or, in the case of Matereality, how to respell.)

What will you learn?

– An economy that works in service of life is possible, and far more compelling than our present system
– Companies need to understand themselves within that economy, otherwise their goals (and related disclosures, including Environment, Social, and Governance—ESG) are misaligned
– ESG disclosures are only relevant if the company’s purpose and action are (really, truly, in actual reality) set on a course in service of life. 

B. Lorraine Smith runs ultra-long distances, spins and knits her own original textiles, and holds doggedly to the belief that our connectedness & curiosity are our greatest assets.


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