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Especies Mensajeras (“Messenger Species”): An art exhibition by Álvaro Soler-Arpa

October 8, 2024 , 8:00 am January 26, 2025 , 5:00 pm EDT

In the exhibition Especies Mensajeras (“Messenger Species”), PPC Artist Ally Álvaro Soler-Arpa explores the complex relationship between nature and contemporary toxic agents, which threaten the survival of many species in a changing and infected environment.

Inspired by the principles of evolution, the sculptures of Álvaro Soler Arpa represent mutant animals, whose strange morphology is the result of uncontrollable genetic mutations caused by pollution. These fictional beings, located in the near future, play with the limits between the possible and the impossible, the real and the imaginary, the graceful and the tortuous.

Soler Arpa’s sculptures are fictitious victims of the whim and irresponsibility of modern man, reflecting the tragic reality of many endangered species today. Radioactivity causes beautiful iridescence, transgenesis endows them with extremities of elegant extravagance. In that imagined future—which is a bit plausible to us today: strange fish with high mercury content will swim in rivers and seas, animals of a third sex will breed in an original way. Elephants with feathers, biped sheep, hairy reptiles, ruminating amphibians, bicephalous lizards and moles with bright eyes….

The distancing of the natural world is, for Soler Arpa, the cause and effect of the loss of spirituality of contemporary people. Through his sculptures, he invites us to reflect on the devastating impact of pollution on the natural world and the urgent need to take measures to protect our biodiversity at this fragile time when we are.

Open 9/17/24 to 11/10/24

  • Círculo De Bellas Artes – Sala Goya (Goya Room)
  • G28009116
  • Calle Alcalá, 42
  • 28014 – Madrid, Spain

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