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Food contact materials: A roadmap to improvement

January 9 , 12:00 pm 1:00 pm EST

A large number of chemicals of concern are used in food contact materials, and can migrate from those materials into food. Existing regulatory requirements do not adequately address the health hazards of these chemicals, for several reasons. For example, chemicals intentionally used in food contact materials are generally not tested for endocrine disrupting effects. 

In this 45-minute EDC Strategies Partnership webinar, Dr. Jane Muncke will discuss a new study, “A vision for safer food contact materials: Public health concerns as drivers for improved testing.” The study proposes a concept for improved testing of food contact materials and the chemicals used to make those materials. 

The authors outline an approach to testing migration of chemicals out of food contact materials, focusing on the final products such as food containers. This testing protocol would include known and intentionally added chemicals as well as unknown and unintentionally added chemicals. 

This webinar will be moderated by Dr. Jerry Heindel of the Healthy Environment and Endocrine Disruptor Strategies (HEEDS) program of Environmental Health Sciences.


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