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CHEJ Training Call: How to Define and Deal with a Sacrifice Zone

April 18, 2023 , 12:00 pm 1:00 pm EDT

Air pollution from factories, chemical plants, incinerators, coal fired power plants, and more are harming people’s health and property values, causing widespread environmental injustice. Today’s regulations are inadequate to protect public health because they are based upon regulating chemical-by-chemical and pipe-by-pipe releases.

We know that where there are industrial releases of toxic chemicals into the air, there are families that are sick. This is especially true where there are clusters of industries. Asthma, respiratory disease, reproductive problems and cancers are widespread in polluted communities. Furthermore, families are trapped because no one wants to buy their homes due to air pollution.

If this sounds like your community, join this virtual discussion to learn ways to fight back against areas designated by the polluters and by government as Sacrifice Zones. In this session, CHEJ will introduce a new way to use an old tool (the EPA’s EJScreen) to define if you’re community is a sacrifice zone and discuss policy options that you can push to address health and community needs.


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