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Mekong Water Data Hour: Plastic Pollution

October 25, 2023 , 10:00 am 11:00 am EDT

Plastic pollution is a growing area of concern, particularly in developing countries where waste management systems have not kept pace with development.

The Mekong River transports approximately 40 thousand tons of plastic into the ocean every year, affecting biodiversity in the river system as well as the nearby marine biodiversity hotspot of the Coral Triangle after it flows into the ocean. Join Monica Arienzo and Rachel Kozloski for a discussion on litter monitoring, microplastic analysis, and plastic pollution in the Mekong River and Tonle Sap, Cambodia.

This is the sixth in our Mekong data seminar series featuring presentations of recent studies and papers with an interactive discussion about the data and why it matters.

Hear from:

  • Monica Arienzo, Associate Research Professor of Hydrology, The Desert Research Institute
  • Rachel Kozloski, Graduate Research Fellow, Desert Research Institute
  • Diep Bui, Co-Director, Keep Vietnam Clean
  • Bunthoeurn MAK, Program Manager and Network Coordinator, The NGO Forum on Cambodia
  • Brian Eyler, Southeast Asia Program Director, Stimson Center (moderator)

To Stop Plastic Pollution