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PPC Webinar | Greenwashing: Debunking the Plastic Industry’s False Narrative

April 19, 2023 , 5:00 pm 6:00 pm EDT

People all over the world are tapping into their concern for the planet to make lifestyle changes that lessen their dependence on plastics. One result of this widespread ecological awareness is that more people than ever before are asking for products and services that are safer and healthier for humanity and nature. Many companies are responding with new marketing and ways of doing business, such as changing how their products and services are produced, packaged, and offered. But are all of businesses’ new plastic pollution solutions really as “green” as they seem? 

Date: Wed., April 19
Time: 2-3 pm PT | 5-6 pm ET
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Join us April 19, 2023, for a special webinar focusing on the issue of “greenwashing” in the plastics industry—the epidemic of businesses falsely advertising products and initiatives as environmentally safe and friendly when they are not, masking real harm caused to the planet and people. Learn how to avoid the plastic industry’s greenwashing traps to make better, more informed choices from our panel of experts who will provide practical tips on how to identify genuinely sustainable products and companies, and how to spot the most common deceptive tactics used by major corporate polluters to greenwash their products.

We will be joined by George Harding-Rolls, Campaign Manager for Changing Markets Foundation; Sumona Majumdar, Executive Director for Earth Island Institute; and Emma Priestland, Global Corporate Campaigns Coordinator for Break Free From Plastic in a conversation moderated by Shilpi Chhotray, Co-Founder & Executive Director of People Over Plastic.


George Harding-Rolls
Campaign Manager
Changing Markets Foundation

George is the Campaign Manager at the Changing Markets Foundation, a Dutch non-profit formed to accelerate solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets. Much of the Changing Markets Foundation’s work involves exposing irresponsible corporate behavior. George has worked across the fashion, fisheries, food, and plastics sectors pushing for corporate accountability. He leads the organization’s circular economy campaigns, covering plastics and fashion, as well as the organization’s latest project, George is also a board member of the Conscious Advertising Network.

Sumona Majumdar
Executive Director
Earth Island Institute (EII)

Sumona recently became Executive Director of Earth Island Institute (EII). She previously was general counsel for EII, a role in which she led some of the organization’s most high-profile cases against plastic polluters, corporate greenwashing, and regulatory agencies. Sumona also handles internal legal, policy, and governance matters for EII. She is a sought-after speaker on environmental litigation and using legal strategy to protect human health, the environment, and natural resources. Sumona holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center, a B.S. from the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, and served as an Environment Sector Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco.

Emma Priestland
Global Corporate Campaigns Coordinator
Break Free From Plastic

Emma leads the Break Free From Plastic corporate campaigning coordination team, helping movement members push consumer goods companies and retailers to reduce their plastic use. She has advocated for an end to plastic pollution for over 10 years and has been active in the Break Free From Plastic movement since 2016. Emma was a founding member of the Rethink Plastic Alliance as part of her role at the NGO Seas At Risk and was instrumental in achieving ambitious European legislation to reduce plastic bags and the Single Use Plastic Directive. Emma is based in the UK, has a BSc degree in Oceanography and Marine Biology from Southampton University and has worked as a professional scuba diver in East Africa and SouthEast Asia.


Shilpi Chhotray
Co-Founder & Executive Director
People Over Plastic

Shilpi is a globally recognized communicator and thought leader on the plastic pollution crisis with an expertise in intersectionality and narrative change. Shilpi is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of People Over Plastic—an environmental justice media platform and host of PoP’s podcast series. She is the former Global Communications Lead at Break Free From Plastic and prior to this was a marine science and conservation policy researcher.



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