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PPC Webinar | Designing a Plastic-Free Future with Regenerative Materials

July 18 , 5:00 pm 6:00 pm EDT

The urgency of our plastic pollution crisis requires a substantial shift in the way products are designed, manufactured, used, and recirculated. From textiles and food containers to sachets and protective shipping packaging, plastic continues to dominate across industries and persist, polluting people and the planet at every stage of its existence. As we create a more circular economy, what exciting bio-based feedstocks and technologies are emerging to help transition away from fossil-based inputs? Can nature-based solutions both be regenerative and scalable

Designers are key to this transition, acting as the bridge between material innovators on the supply side to real-world applications being brought to life in the market. Join us as we sit down for a conversation with two leading regenerative material suppliers and a holistic design studio that is asking: How do we do “the most good” instead of “less bad” to reorient industrial design to replenish natural systems? We’ll explore the landscape of plastic alternatives, dive into two ocean-based feedstocks, and learn how these materials are being employed for a healthier future. Our panelists include: Hoa Doan, Head of Impact and Sustainability, NotplaRenata Massion, Senior Sustainability Manager, Cruz Foam; and Baillie Mishler, Co-Founder and Design Director, PROWL Studio. The conversation will be moderated by Aidan Maguire, Coalition Program Manager for Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Date: Thurs., July 18
Time: 2-3 pm PT | 5-6 pm ET
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Hoa Doan

Hoa Doan (she/her) is a climate policy expert with experience in consulting, public sectors, and entrepreneurship. She was a Net Zero policy advisor in the UK Prime Minister’s Office at No10 Downing Street, overseeing the delivery of decarbonisation programs across the building and transport sectors. Hoa was shortlisted for the 2023 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe list in the Social Impact category for her contribution to the UK climate policy agenda. She is currently the Head of Impact and Sustainability at Notpla, a UK startup that recently won The Earthshot Prize for its plastic-free consumer packaging products made from seaweed and plants.

Renata Massion

Renata Massion (she/her) is an environmental enthusiast and the Senior Sustainability Manager at Cruz Foam, where she supports the development of cutting-edge packaging foam that embodies a new frontier in sustainable materials. Renata spearheads Cruz Foam’s initiatives in responsible sourcing, life cycle assessment, and environmentally conscious disposal strategies. With a Bachelor’s degree in International Development and Political Economy and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Management, she combines her deep understanding of global dynamics with technical expertise to drive positive environmental change and empower a universal drive for sustainable progress.

Baillie Mishler

Baillie Mishler (she/her) is the Co-Founder and Design Director of PROWL Studio, an industrial design and research studio creating new solutions for people and the planet by employing materials, processes, and technology more responsibly. Her design roles at industry-leading companies such as Steelcase and Coalesse have instilled in her strong skills and detailed attention in industrial design, furniture production, color-material-finish development and specification, brand communications, and interior design. 


Aidan Maguire

Aidan Maguire (he/him) is the Coalition Program Manager for Plastic Pollution Coalition. Guided by systems, he believes in the power of cross-sector collaboration to address our global plastic pollution crisis. Aidan brings over 5 years of experience in business management, which recently has included consulting projects and reporting focused on scaling innovative alternatives to plastics. Aidan is driven to protect our natural world by eliminating plastic dependency in business and beyond. When not working on this issue, he is most likely trekking through the Northern California wilderness, playing soccer with friends, or making refillable candles.



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