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The Future is Reuse

December 7 , 12:00 pm 4:45 pm EST

Reuse represents an enormous opportunity. By reducing demand on natural resources and the amount of waste we produce, reusable packaging is a critical strategy for living within planetary boundaries. Reusable packaging offers a pathway to a more equitable system, while building financial returns and brand loyalty.   

Join us for the debut of Reuse 23, an online experience exploring the success stories, strategies and thought-provoking ideas for moving away from single-use packaging towards a thriving system of reuse. Throughout this event, you will learn from and connect with the innovators, policymakers, packaging professionals and brand and retail leaders who are trailblazing the reuse transition.

To learn more about this online, collaborative experience, please visit the Reuse 23 website

Closed captioning will be available for all keynote sessions.


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