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The Future of Plastics and Packaging

October 11, 2022 October 12, 2022

This two-day business conference will bring together key industry players to debate practical packaging solutions that work for consumers, the environment and business reality. Attendees will assess what progress has been made towards corporate packaging targets and highlight the leading business practices, product innovations and emerging technologies that will deliver a reduced packaging footprint.

Material dilemmas and product design
How to navigate conflicting data points and avoid unintended consequences to design real world solutions to sustainable packaging

Closed loop packaging
How business can break down the barriers to circular packaging and develop the solutions to implement programs at scale

Innovation and technology
The role of business to deliver advances in recycling infrastructure and the technologies that will enable the future of packaging production

Consumer engagement and behaviour change
How to genuinely engage consumers in sustainable packaging and translate consumer trends and demands into effective corporate strategy


To Stop Plastic Pollution