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You Are What You Eat (and Breathe): Nano- and Microplastics and Human Health

November 30, 2023 , 12:00 pm 1:00 pm EST

Plastic pollution of varying shapes, sizes and polymers is found throughout our environment and is one of the most prevalent types of solid pollution found in our oceans and waterways. There are still many questions regarding the specific threat of micro- and nanoplastics to human health and our environment. Microplastics are typically defined as being less than five millimeters in length and nanoplastics are even smaller at 100 nanometers or less in length. As an emerging field of study, their impact on human health is still shrouded in a lot of uncertainty.

This Trash-Free Webinar webinar will present three speakers who will present on what we know and do not know about our exposure to micro- and nanoplastics and their impacts on our health.

• Todd Gouin, PhD, TG Environmental Research
• Charlie Rolsky, PhD, Shaw Institute
• Scott Coffin, PhD, California State Water Resources Control Board

Closed captioning will be available during the webinar.


To Stop Plastic Pollution