Join a Break Free From Plastic Global Brand Audit

Break Free From Plastic’s global brand audit is a citizen science initiative that involves recording data on plastic waste to help identify the companies responsible for plastic pollution and hold them accountable.

Waste Colonialism in Latin America

Join Break Free From Plastic movement members from Mexico and Ecuador as they share their knowledge and expertise on the global waste trade and waste colonialism between the United States and Latin America. Waste colo

PPC Webinar: Crafting Hollywood Storylines That Flip the Script on Plastics

Removing single-use plastics from Hollywood sets is important to help address plastic pollution, but if storylines continue to be littered with plastics we are missing a critical opportunity for societal awareness and transformative change. Join us for a conversation about tips and tools to help scriptwriters seamlessly craft plastic-free and plastic-aware worlds.

International Marine Debris Conference

The 7th International Marine Debris Conference (7IMDC) will build on the momentum of past IMDCs by bringing together governments, industry, academia, civil society, and all relevant stakeholders, to discuss the latest science, strengthen collaborations, find solutions and catalyze action to address the urgent, global problem of marine litter and plastic pollution.

The Future of Plastics and Packaging

This two-day business conference will bring together key industry players to debate practical packaging solutions that work for consumers, the environment and business reality. Attendees will assess what progress has been made towards corporate packaging targets and highlight the leading business practices, product innovations and emerging technologies that will deliver a reduced packaging footprint. 

Global Zero Waste Cities Summit

Sign up for GAIA/Zero Waste Europe's Global Zero Waste Cities Summit live virtual event, where you will learn about cutting methane emissions through zero waste, essential factors to build zero waste cities and more.

2022 PlasticsFuture Conference

Revolution Plastics will bring together a wide range of stakeholders including researchers, community organisations, NGOs, industry, policymakers and practitioners from around the world to explore how we can catalyse sustainable transitions to halt the negative impacts of plastics. We will collaborate, discuss and share knowledge to build an evidence base to stimulate change.


To Stop Plastic Pollution