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How Hollywood is Working to Flip the Script on Plastics

Independence from Plastic challenges filmmakers to show us their positive vision of a plastic-free future in micro films of 60 seconds or less.
With our new Reusables on Screen Form, you can help us celebrate reusable and refillable wins that stop single-use plastic on film and TV.
On Wednesday, December 6, 2023, just hours after Norman Lear’s passing, television writers, producers, show runners, and stars gathered at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills for the HH&S Sentinel Awards.
Learn about the winners of our "Plastic Kills!" short horror film competition designed to highlight the terrors of plastic pollution.
The Daily Show's Michael Kosta dives deep into the U.S.'s obsession with plastic water bottles and how harmful they are to the environment.
Submissions are now open for “PLASTIC KILLS!”—a horror short film competition designed to highlight the terrors of plastic pollution.
Television and movie screens have been awash with single-use plastics for decades. From red plastic cups and plastic straws to single-use plastic water bottles and coffee cups, plastic pollution sneaks into the scene across all forms of popular media (and more often than not, it’s intentionally placed there for marketing purposes).
Barbie shows us how plastic pollutes every part of our lives, including our childhood. It's time for a new normal.
Recapping a “Toxic Tour” of fossil fuel and plastic pollution sites across Los Angeles, California, held for television and film writers.

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