PPC and our partners have started a Refill Revolution. Since 2014 we're worked with Steelys and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival to encourage festival attendees to reuse collectible stainless steel cups and bottles which can be refilled with beer or water throughout the event. You can learn more through Rolling Stone’s coverage of the effort in 2014 (“The Concert Industry Is Moving Away From Plastic Bottles, Slowly”) and 2016 (“The Music Industry's Battle Against Plastic Junk”).

From its roots at ‘Roo, PPC is building a scalable Refill Revolution project for other festivals and events, supporting a true revolution in sustainability and plastic pollution reduction worldwide. The program provides festivals and event planners with models for developing a reusable infrastructure, top to bottom, while partnering on messaging and branding to get the word out to fans, followers, and other festivals.



How can I be part of the Refill Revolution?

Good news: you don't have to be at Bonnaroo to join the Refill Revolution! Just be sure to use reusable containers at home, school, work, or on the road. Carry your own cup, bottle, or bag. Refuse single-use, especially plastic, containers. 

Refilling also requires access to clean tap water. Look for ways to protect your local water and keep public water fountains available to everyone.

Start here for tips on how to reuse and refill.


How do I bring the Refill Revolution to my event?

Contact us!




What is a Plastic Free Event?
Any gathering of people that makes an effort to eliminate plastic pollution and waste by using durable, reusable, non-plastic alternatives for food and drink.


How can I host a Plastic Free Event?

For small-scale parties and gatherings, you can take the following easy steps to reduce waste at your next event:

  • Your guests don’t have to use disposables! Have them use your standard cups and dishes and wash them afterward.

  • Purchase a discounted but nice-looking set of glasses, ceramic plates, and cutlery, and keep them just for use at parties.

  • For outdoor events, ask guests to bring their own bottles, cups, and cutlery.



What is Plastic Free Touring?
Plastic Free Touring is our support program for traveling musicians and tour managers, providing common sense tools for reducing their plastic footprint on the road. Born out of our love for and our involvement with the music community, we are helping touring artists not only practice sustainability, but use their unique influence to drive awareness and social change from their fans.


How can I tour plastic free?

Download the Tour Plastic Free flyer.


Where can I get even more resources?

Like all of PPC’s program, Plastic Free Touring is also inclusive of the efforts of other like-minded organizations:


What vendors support the Plastic Free Touring and Refill Revolution programs?

Steelys Drinkware


Klean Kanteen

LifeFactory Glass bottles

Life Without Plastic

Perfect Water Worldwide

Simply Straws

To-Go Ware

Citizen Love Bags