Americans Are Concerned about “Chemical Recycling”

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In November 2023, Oceana released a nationwide poll (link to results below) finding that over 70% of American voters are concerned about the negative impacts of “chemical recycling” (a process of melting down plastic into its petrochemical components with chemicals or heat, that is also called “advanced recycling”). Also included among the findings: 79% of voters are concerned about the serious health risks associated with toxic chemical emissions from “chemical recycling” plants. Additionally, 76% of voters are concerned about the disproportionate impact on neighborhoods near “chemical recycling” plants.

The vast majority of voters are concerned about how “chemical recycling” of plastic contributes to climate change (73%) and that it often requires more energy and emits more pollution than conventional recycling (73%).

The poll, conducted by the nonpartisan polling company Ipsos, surveyed 1,000 American adults from across the U.S. between December 12 and 19, 2022.

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