Datasets on “Invisible” e-Waste

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According to a UN commissioned report, the world is accumulating a mountain of “invisible” electronic waste each year, worth around $10 billion in raw materials like iron, copper, and gold. According to the report, at least 7.3 billion electronic toys—car racing sets, electric trains, music toys, talking dolls, drones, and more—are discarded annually, an average of nearly one per person on early. Almost 1/6 of all electronic waste by mass—9 billion kilograms per year—goes largely unrecognized by consumers as e-waste: cables, e-toys, e-cigarettes, e-bikes, power tools, smoke detectors, USB sticks, wearable health devices, smart home gadgets, and much more. The weight of vapes discarded each year alone are estimated to weigh as much as 6 Eiffel Towers.

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