People, plastic, and behavior change – a comment on drivers of plastic pollution, barriers to change and targeted behavior change interventions

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Abstract: “Understanding individual and community behavior change (along with systemic change) is key to determining effective and sustainable drivers of change in the use of plastics: this research sheds some light. Only a few studies undertaken which have primarily focused on the theory of planned behavior and plastic waste. To help support more sustainable and effective plastic use and waste management policy, it is recommended that future research focus on behavioral aspects of the plastic–people relationship with a focus on the “Behavior Change Wheel and the Capability, Opportunity and Motivation” model (COM-B), to advance current understanding of individuals’ behaviors relating to plastic use and waste. It is suggested that understanding the behavioral elements of the people–plastic relationship is fundamental to identifying effective and sustainable changes in behavior and the guidance, policies, opportunities, and restrictions that can help achieve change.”

Photo credit: Wooden Earth Cutlery

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