Plastic Free Campus Manual – Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN)

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A student-led Zero Waste Movement group, the Post-Landfill Action Network ensures that students have the tools and information they need to make lasting change on their campuses. They work with industry innovators, campus leaders and other non-profit activists in building best-practice resources.

Download the Plastic-free Campus Manual to gain access to tools and information you need to make lasting changes on your campus. In partnership with the Plastic Pollution Coalition, the Plastic-Free Campus Manual contains 60+ pages of training, best-practices, case studies, and project resources, including:

  1. General organizing advice for smooth leadership turnover, working with administration
    and facilitation collaboration across campus.
  2. Tips for understanding the use of single-use disposable plastics, where to find them, why
    it’s important and who speak with about making a change.
  3. Tangible alternatives to single-use disposable plastics, from the concept of reuse to compostable
    to compostable products.
  4. Guidance on taking action that will be sustained long after you graduate!

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