Policy Solutions Fact Sheet

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Goverments play a critical role in moving the world to a no-waste system when companies are not otherwise motivated to change their ways. Policies governing the use of plastics are the most effective way to address the problem, and they are becoming more common from the municipal to the national level. Many counties, states and cities are banning or otherwise regulating the use of plastic. These policies often focus on the most common waste items found in worldwide beach cleanups: utensils, food wrappers, plastic beverage bottles, plastic bottle caps, plastic grocery bags, other plastic bags, straws/stirrers, plastic containers, plastic lids and foam takeout containers. Since all of these items are used once and then thrown away, a logical starting point is to target single-use plastic items.

The Policy Solutions Fact Sheet explains the importance of policy as a way to reduce plastic waste, and provides examples of places where legislation has been successful in reducing the use of plastic.

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