Tell Whole Foods: Take Single-Use Plastic Packaging Off Your Shelves

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Tell Whole Foods: Take single-use plastic packaging off store shelves today.

Plastic waste is piling up at a record pace in our parks, streets and oceans. We’re on track to put more than 53 trillion metric tons of plastic into our oceans and waterways each year by 2030.

It’s time to turn the tide on the plastic pollution crisis. And companies that use a lot of single-use plastic, such as supermarket chains, can play a big role.

We can and must expect better from grocery chains like Whole Foods. We’re calling on Whole Foods to eliminate single-use plastic packaging items from its stores.

A recent report gave Whole Foods an “F” on reducing plastic waste. Why? The company has failed to embrace reusable packaging and recycled content, and it hasn’t been transparent about the packaging materials it uses or taken responsibility for the plastic waste its packaging becomes. That puts Whole Foods behind even Walmart and Kroger when it comes to leadership on reducing plastic pollution.

Such a disappointing grade is certainly surprising for Whole Foods. At one point, the grocer was a prominent leader on cutting out unnecessary plastic, from eliminating plastic bags at checkout in 2008 to removing plastic straws from its stores in 2019.

But now, without making moves to eliminate single-use plastics from its shelves, Whole Foods is not living up to its reputation as a sustainable, environmentally conscious company.

The good news is Whole Foods can make a huge impact on this issue if it acts right now and sets an example on plastic waste reduction that others in the industry can follow.

That’s where you come in. Add your name to our call for Whole Foods to eliminate single-use plastic packaging.

There’s no denying our plastic waste crisis is a daunting one. Over the next decade, the total volume of plastic in the world’s waterways could reach 53 trillion tons.

But as bad as plastic pollution has gotten, there remain concrete, achievable solutions we can enact to move our country beyond plastic and toward a zero-waste economy.

U.S. PIRG knows what it takes to get decision-makers to take action on plastic pollution, and our national network has won efforts in cities and states across the country to reduce waste, including pro-recycling laws and bans on some of the worst single-use items such as plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers.

Now, we’re turning our focus to include the corporations that produce and use all this plastic in the first place. With your support, we can convince major companies such as Whole Foods to stop contributing to the problem and become a part of the solution.

Tell Whole Foods: Take single-use plastic packaging off store shelves today.

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