The Plastics Challenge: White Paper

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Tackling plastic waste and pollution is the cause celebre in 2018 and will only surge for 2019. Businesses are under enormous societal and impending regulatory pressure to find viable solutions to reduce, eliminate and reuse plastics.

To help you tackle this vast plastic problem and identify scalable solutions, we have interviewed industries leaders to share their experiences and insight in our newly produced white paper. Get exclusive insights from:

  • Melissa Wang, Senior Scientist, Greenpeace
  • Joe Franses, Vice-President, Sustainability, Coca-Cola European Partners
  • Risto Vapola, Technical Product Manager, Neste
  • Jon Khoo, Innovation Partner, Interface
  • Tom Domen, Global Head Long Term Innovation Manager, Ecover / Method
  • Jane Bevis, Chair, On-Pack Recycling Label
  • Beverley Cornaby, Programme Manager, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)
  • Chris Brown, Managing Director, Clean Tech
  • David Moon, Head of Business Collaboration, Waste & Resources Action
  • Dune Ives, Executive Director, Lonely Whale
  • John Burke, Chief Marketing Officer, Bacardi

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