There is No ‘Away’ – Bali to Komodo Island: Indonesian Expedition

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At the World Ocean Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on February 23, 2017, speakers and leaders focused on Southeast Asian nations as the “sources” of plastic pollution in the oceans. But we know that the real sources of plastic pollution in waterways and on land are the multinational corporations that make single-use plastics, not the people of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia who continue to battle this onslaught of unnecessary and toxic waste.

Recently, a team of artists, scientists, students, and filmmakers traveled between Bali and Komodo Island to analyze the impacts of plastic pollution in the region. Single-use plastic does not simply go “away.” It all goes somewhere. See where it ends up – along shorelines and in landfills, in backyards and in shallow waters. This film serves as a “call to action” to citizens around the world: Stop using single-use plastic, and actively demand that industry stop making it, too.

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