Zero Waste Initiative – University of California Office of the President

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The University of California has established the Zero Waste Initiative as a way to work toward reducing, and ultimately eliminating, plastic consumption and waste on all UC campuses. Policy Goals for the Zero Waste Initiative include:

  • Campuses will achieve zero waste (defined as 90% diversion from landfill).
  • Campuses will reduce per capita municipal solid waste generation to 25% below fiscal year 2015-16 levels by 2025, and 50% below fiscal year 2015-16 levels by 2030.
  • The University is committed to the reduction and elimination of single-use items such as plastic bags, single-use plastic foodware accessory items and single-use plastic beverage bottles.
  • By 2020, the University will prohibit the sale, procurement and distribution of packaging foam.

Each UC campus has a plan. Your campus can too.

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