Reuse: Rethinking Packaging Report

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation outlines key reuse models for businesses and governments to engage with in efforts to address the plastic crisis. Key reuse models covered in the report include: refilling at home, refilling on the go, returning from home, and returning on the go. The report includes dozens of examples of reuse across sectors spanning home and personal care, transport packaging, grocery, beverages, cup solutions, and takeaway and ready meals.

Learn how to repair, donate, and shop second-hand household items with Reuse DC, a platform that helps foster and facilitate reuse, repair, sharing, and other zero-waste behaviors and habits. Reuse DC is the District’s hub for learning where to repair, donate, and shop second-hand household items. Search the online directory, explore how to exchange items with your neighbors, learn about the importance of food recovery, and more!

GAIA’s flagship climate report (released October 4, 2022) provides the most current, comprehensive research on how zero waste is an essential climate solution. Through the publication of this report alongside supplementary communications and advocacy materials, GAIA aims to support member-driven zero waste campaigns in your communities to give decisionmakers clear and decisive information on why they should invest in zero waste as a way to reduce climate emissions and build a just transition to a more climate-resilient future, providing a host of social, environmental, and economic benefits. 

The report contains four parts: 

  • Zero waste and climate mitigation: How zero waste is a critical strategy to hit GHG reduction targets 
  • Zero waste and climate adaptation: How zero waste helps cities become more resilient in the face of accelerating climate disasters
  • Co-benefits: How zero waste can bring about a just transition to more and better green jobs, reduce poverty, strengthen local economies and more
  • Case studies: A calculation of how many GHG emissions savings cities around the world could achieve if they were to adopt a slate of zero waste strategies

A practical guide to help business leaders identify circular opportunities and design business models that create, deliver and capture value. Focused on the circular economy, this guide provides steps and templates for businesses to navigate opportunities to minimize waste and maximize value. Created by PA Consulting in conjunction with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and University of Exeter.

The Reuse Portal is an open collaborative platform providing users – whether innovators, businesses, policymakers, activists, consumers or citizens – convenient access to practical guidance, tools and networks to take action and drive momentum for reuse solutions. It is championed by the United Nations Environment Programme, World Wildlife Fund and the World Economic Forum.

The shocking growth of plastic pollution is damaging our planet. With only 9% of global plastic waste being recycled, managing waste once it’s generated is not nearly enough. Reuse is critical to prevent waste upfront, and to shift away from a ‘make-take-waste’ system.

In this TED Talk, author and plastic-free advocate Beth Terry speaks about her journey to live a plastic free life. She holds up a bag of all the waste she has generated in the last year – less than 2 pounds! She uses herself as an example of how to change your life to reduce your plastic waste!