The initial focus of the survey is on the 3 key plastic practices (items) that have global support for elimination: plastic bags, plastic straws, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cups and containers, commonly known as Styrofoam.  These 3 items were in the Top 10 items found in the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup.  As described in detail in the 2018 United Nations Environment report Single-Use Plastics: A Roadmap for Sustainability, plastic bags and foamed plastic products are identified as the top “problematic single-use plastics”. Plastic straws, commonly distributed by the Fast Food industry, have been shown to cause fatal harm to sea creatures.  Plastic bags, plastic straws and EPS foam cups and containers can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and cause many harms and costs to the environment and society.  Inexpensive, safe, proven reuse and material alternatives are available worldwide for plastic bags, plastic straws, and EPS foam cups and containers. Fast Food Companies have the choice to adopt better reuse and material alternatives now in every country.


The world’s 100 largest Fast Food Companies are being surveyed to determine whether they distribute plastic bags, plastic straws and EPS foam cups and containers in each country of operation.  The companies are being requested to provide the information through public statements. Plastic Pollution Coalition’s extended network and social media will be engaged on-the-ground confirmation of the information provided by the companies.  The survey results will be posted on this webpage and will be kept current when new data is provided by companies or social media contributors. The credibility of the survey results will be assured through traceability to the source of the information.  The survey results are available for use by individuals, NGOs, the media, companies, and other interested stakeholder groups for non-commercial purposes

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