Plastic Pollution Coalition And Oceanic Global Partner To Help Mitigate The Growing Plastic Pollution Crisis

Plastic Pollution Coalition and Oceanic Global have partnered to help mitigate the plastic pollution crisis. The two NGOs, which have historically each offered aligned programs focused on transitioning businesses and industries away from plastics globally, are now working together to further establish and incentivize universal adoption of plastic-free and other environmentally responsible business practices. 

Plastic Pollution Coalition is now offering its Business Members additional verification through Oceanic Global’s Blue Standard (Blue), a cross-industry standard that empowers businesses to eliminate plastic pollution and adopt comprehensive sustainability measures that protect our blue planet.

The Blue Standard

As an independent Blue Consulting Partner, Plastic Pollution Coalition offers tangible recognition to qualifying Business Members for meeting Blue’s requirements and for the leadership they have already demonstrated in meeting Plastic Pollution Coalition’s robust Criteria for Business Membership. The synergistic alignment will optimize the unique strengths and offerings of both organizations and ultimately help catalyze positive change towards a just, equitable future free of plastic pollution.

We are excited to partner with Oceanic Global to offer their Blue Standard Verification Program to our network of Business Members around the world demonstrating exemplary leadership in reducing their plastic footprint. Our partnership will uplift businesses prioritizing a healthy planet, thereby leveraging the Blue Standard to reward collective action towards a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts.

 Dianna Cohen, Co-founder and CEO of Plastic Pollution Coalition

Helping Businesses Address an Urgent Global Crisis

Plastic has been found in the deepest parts of the ocean, on the highest peaks of mountains, in our drinking water, and even in our blood. Plastic pollution is one of the largest growing threats to our health and well being, as well as that of our ocean and the entirety of our blue planet. Despite the growing awareness of the plastic pollution crisis and its impacts on both human and planetary health, year after year, industries create more plastic than ever before—and without intervention, the demand for new plastic is only expected to increase into the future. 

With the need to end plastic pollution only growing more urgent and apparent, the two NGOs are taking their long-standing relationship a step further by collaborating on efforts to transition businesses and industries away from unnecessary use of this toxic, everlasting material. Verifying Plastic Pollution Coalition Business Members through the Blue Standard will not only help to recognize their responsible business leadership, but will also help to solidify universally applicable parameters and recognizable standards for the effective reduction of plastic across businesses and industries at large. 

Business as usual is devastating our planet. We need industries to become agents of change. One of our goals in developing the Blue Standard was to help transition businesses of all sizes transition away from using plastics with the larger goal of helping to curb demand for the manufacture of new plastics overall. We are thrilled to be working with Plastic Pollution Coalition, a longtime partner and pioneering organization in the movement against plastic pollution, to complement the existing work of their coalition and to catalyze streamlined efforts that help stop plastic pollution at the source.

Lea d’Auriol Founder & Executive Director, Oceanic Global

The Blue Standard was developed together with Oceanic Global’s Scientific Advisory Board and trained experts in both WELL and LEED building rating systems, as a timely response to the impending threat of Climate Change and the increasing demand for transparent industry action. Blue has verified the sustainability achievements of 480+ across 35 countries, and its criteria has helped shape over 7 plastic-free policies to date. Plastic Pollution Coalition’s expansive global alliance includes more than 1,300 organizations and businesses, and more than 14,000 individuals who have the shared goal of helping to create a more just, equitable, regenerative world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. While a powerful first step in aligning mutual efforts, the partnership between Oceanic Global and Plastic Pollution Coalition is just one example of the extensive collaboration needed to empower widespread action in the face of the plastic pollution crisis.

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