How NY is Holding Pepsi Accountable for Its Plastic Pollution – & Your State Can, Too

February 20 , 7:00 pm 8:05 pm EST

On November 15, 2023  New York Attorney General Letitia James sued PepsiCo for misleading the public about its goals to eliminate single-use plastic, and for endangering the environment. As its basis of proof, the office cited the enormous volume of single use plastic trash in and along the Buffalo River, a survey of which demonstrated that more than 17% originated from Pepsico. 

Please join Beyond Plastics from 7-8pm ET on Tuesday, February 20, for a conversation with Lemuel Srlovic, Chief of the Environmental Bureau of the New York Attorney General’s Office, about the details and significance of the suit. In part two of the webinar,  Judith Enck and Dawn Henry of Beyond Plastics will lead a discussion about how residents of other states can urge their own Attorneys General to file similar suits. 

The suit, as described by Judith Enck, is unprecedented and much needed. If successful, it would compel PepsiCo to prevent release of its products into the river and to place warning labels on single-use plastic items indicating that they pose risk to human health and the environment. It could also forge a new pathway to force other companies to take responsibility for their waste and the impact of plastics on the ecosystem.